Crea+ gains internacional prominence again

Our organization was quoted in an article published in an internacional human rights organization’s website

The Crea+ has gained attention again in the international press. The history began in January, 2015, when International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) promoted a conference in San Francisco, California. The event was attended by the most important philantropic leaders around the world, like the executive director and the representative of Crea+ in One World Children’s Fund (OWCF), Steph Allie Heckman and Regina Ponce.

For those who don’t know, the IHRFG is a global network of donors committed to advancing human rights around the world. Meanwhile, the OWCF is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for social projects in order to improve the lives of children in thousands of countries. It works through the joint cooperation of champions (volunteers), like Regina, who embrace an institution and ensure that the resources allocated to it will be applied and managed as well as possible.

After the conference in California,  Steph and Regina wrote an article about the topics that most drew their attention during the event. The article was initially published in the OWCF’s website before it gain importance in the IHRFG’s blog. “When I look at my work with Crea+, I see the fundraising success (increased by 150% annually), but I also see the opportunities to leverage  first world resources  (marketing, new technologies and philanthropy trends)  and localize them to Brazil”, says Regina.

“Furthermore, as a Champion, I can compensate for fluctuating in-country donations, usually the downside of a local cultural bias that says: ‘Brazilians already pay high taxes; thus, it’s the job of the government to take care of the poor’. With the help of grantmakers, we can solidify even further the role that NGO’s can play in expanding Brazil’s civil society”, completes her.

To read the full text, click here.

Alliance Magazine

It was the second time that the Crea+ appeared in an international publication. Our organization was also quoted in an article that Regina wrote in last September for Alliance Magazine, one of the most well-known philantropy magazines in the world. Read the passage below:

“This is a refreshing approach: rather than just asking for donations, it redefines citizenship. And young professionals in São Paulo are accepting the challenge. Among its impressive management, the organization counts such talents as Priscila Santos, a physicist with a passion for education; Raquel Coelho, an economist who enthusiastically heads marketing; André Hirata, an economist who oversees operations; as well as the hundreds of committed volunteers who dedicate their Saturdays to fulfilling Crea+’s mission of narrowing the educational gap in Brazil.”

To learn more about the partnership between the Crea+ and the OWCF, click here.


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